January Favorites

Hello hello ! Today I want to present you an other “type” of article, if I can say that, I never did before but I Love reading (with a big L) all of your articles about your favorites! So why not showing you my favorites of this month (of couple months for some. Aujourdhui je … [Read more…]

The Gingerbread Man

What would a christmas would be without some Gingerbread Man ? Que serait Noël sans des petits bonhommes de pain d’épices? I always wanted to make some but I used to dislike gingerbread…  Never say never because I tried delicious one this year which makes my world rocks ! It’s a very quick recipe with … [Read more…]


Hello everyone ! Bonjour tout le monde ! French Girl on the Go just did a makeover yeah !! I couldn’t post anymore photos so I decided it was the time to pass to WP.org. It was a big step for a newbie like me but I did it <3  It was kinda complicated but … [Read more…]

Waiting for Santa Claus

Hello everyone ! How are you doing today ? I’m pretty sure you said “I’m fine & having fun reading !” or so I hope ^^ Now that Xmas is around the corner [aka I will start opening my advent calendar in 2 days aka I’m preparing my belly to receive all the upcoming chocolate], … [Read more…]