Hiroshima : a place you don’t want to miss

Back to my serie about my trip (I promise just a few more stops and it will be over): I am finally at Hiroshima !

De retour à ma “série” sur mon voyage (promis il ne reste pas tant de billets que ça): je suis arrivée à Hiroshima !

IMG_1071After finding a coin locker to put my backpack for the day (ah ah! I won’t keep you this time !) , direction Hiroshima City Tourist Information Center. Those places are a gold mine for informations, good deal, reductions, wifi and map! I think I already say this but you should definitely check them out 🙂

With your JR Pass you can ride on the “touristic bus” for free and it’s amazing. I enjoy taking those bus time to time when I’m traveling, you always have a good time on them ^^

First stop is the museum (I didn’t visit it and I have no clue why, I’m still looking for it) and walk around the place.

I thought it would be weird with all the background history but OH GOD I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG ! It’s a lovely place to spend time (6 hours in my case). I plan on going back there in the future to explore it completly.

After a nice meal and a dessert even nicer under the cherry blossom trees (and some time in the shopping district). I deciced to take an another bus to explore the other part of the city …

I took the bus, close my eyes for a second and the minute after I woke up a the terminus bus station :/ Not even when everybody is leaving the bus but when the driver is looking is someone foret something …

ps: for my defense I woke up very early this morning …

With this little note I thought I was too tired to continue visiting Hiroshima and would come back on my way back. This is the reason I don’t have a lot of photos of Hiroshima, sorry guys !

Spoiler: I didn’t have the time to visit it again, but this is an other story <3

Have you ever been to Hiroshima ? or do you plan on going there soon ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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