5 Things Travel Has Taught Me

A french proverb says “Les voyages forment la jeunesse” which means “Travel broadens the mind”. It’s so true!

In my case you can also say I became a travel addict (I would love travelling all year long if only my bank account, my studies would permit it) >:D

So many things changed since my first travel (first real travel overseas with my class in USA). I must confess I kinda arrange my life around my passion. And for the moment it’s not quiet yet what I want but I will keep that for later, when my devil plan will be in action ! (As you can see I put a long tiime to write this article because this week has been kinda epiq with work)

Back to my subject, I will write 5 things that travel has taught me (only 5 things because I had to make a choice but in fact there is more than this ^^):

  1. I learn how to appreciate more my own country

You are walking around a beautiful place, your feet hurt and wish you could take a vélib to go home, or even if you like talking about everything (and everyone come on we all do that secretly) in your langague you also miss being understand by everyone 🙂

It’s the little things of the daily life that make me love France even more ^^ Like a nice breakfast one a balcony.

2.  I am more adventurous than ever

Especially with people and food. I use to stay in my confort zone, and now I don’t want to go back there !

As you can see on the photo, I tried my best to pick something I would have never did in France and it was delicious !

       3. How to keep my bank account for the good time

I used to spend my pocket money in whatever I saw (mostly in chocolate my waist would tell you). Now I am proud to keep it for my future travel. Thanks to it I will go to Spain in august and maybe in Japan in september (if I’m lucky or if I win the loto)

       4. To appreciate the little things in life

If I can be happy while looking a old couple in love overseas, a nice park, cute foreign cat ; I should be able to do the same in France. Without being creepy of course ^^

Everyday (even or especially the bad ones) I am asking myself what is my highlight of the day, and like magic it brightens my day ! This is how I confort myself without ice cream 🙂

5. The people I met <3

It wouldn’t have been the same without the persons I met.They made me discover their city, life, country like no book could have ^^

What about you ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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