Stop by HIMEJI

Continuation from my april trip

With my JR Pass in one hand, my backpack on my back (logical) and a bag full of food in the other, I took my night train from Tokyo to Himeji.

I am sad to leave the city I love but I also want to discover other places! Adventures here I come!

I took the Sunrise Izumo and I have to tell you it ain’t like any other trains I have seen before. I booked a place in the common called Nobinobi (open-plan sleeping area), which is free with the JR Pass.

It was so cool J I was amazed by the Nobinobi place and how spacious it is! You have enough place to lay down, you have a pillow and a blanket for the night and it’s not cold at all. During my ride, there was a family of 5 on my left and a single boy on my right, so I tried to “understand” my neighbor by “spying” on them… I am bad but I didn’t have a lot to do during my night and it was like watching some japanese show on tv ^^

I had a good sleep but be careful to put an alarm if you don’t want to miss your stop J

Finally I am at Himeji, it was 5am and no guide book in my pocket, I went to the only thing I knew here: the castle.

My bag on my back (big mistake I should have let it at the station!) I walked straight on to my destination (you can see it from the station) through the phantom city (like any other city at 5am even ghost want to sleep) and TA-DAA!


The park around the castle in very beautiful with all the cherry blossom and it’s not a secret because there were a few people with camera trying to take the best photo, some were taking the best place on the grass and some other were already queuing! Yeah you read it well, queuing at 6am for the opening at 9:30. Now you know why you always have to wait !

After a hour in the park looking at the view, taking picture, eating all the food I had left in my bag, I went back to the station for new adventures at Hiroshima <3

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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