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In less than a week I will be able to go back to one of my favorites countries … JAPAN <3

I’m so excited that I’m kinda glad to have exams right before, so I don’t spend my time planning for my trip 🙂  Because I’m the kind of person who loves to plan, organize a trip beforehand, and when I’m actually travelling, I would do something totally different ^^

Maybe the most revelant thing is that last time I went to Japan (I was staying there for a month) just after my arrival I realised I forgot to change my money  -_-  I’m a really airhead when I want !

So this time I will stay 2 weeks in this marvelous country, will not forget to change my monnaie beforehand and  travel more around the country for the cherry blossom season ! Last year when seeing all the photos, the videos on youtube, blogs … After making the same face I do while looking at delicious pastries, I told myself that the next year I would be there !

For this trip I will travel with a backpack to make the best of the time I have 🙂 But it appears harder than what I thought, because I do love wearing nice outfits when I’m in holidays and more than that I love buying cute stuff (I do my best to restrain me for buying all the things I see and to take photos instead –> my own therapy ^-^)

Also if you decided to travel during this season you must plan where you want to go because most of the hostels will be taken 🙁 So once my JRPass in my pocket I decided on my itinetary :

1. TOKYO –> for a few days only to go to the places I love

2. NIKKO –> for all the beautiful temples and nice atmosphere

3. YOKOHAMA –> because it seems nice ( and secretly to take a night train ^^)

4. HIMEJI –> with it beautiful castle and history

5. HIROSHIMA –> I feel like I need to go there at least once in my life 🙂

6. MiIYAJIMA –> this island seems magical and I am pretty sure it is

7. KURASHIKI –> it’s a more traditional city with nice craft stores

8. KYOTO –> no need to say why

9. NARA –> I love this city and it forest <3

10. OSAKA –> It would be a shame not to visit it 😉

That may seems a lot I agree but When you are travelling all by yourself, like I will do, you have more time in a way 🙂

Then to keep you waiting for my next post I will show you some photos from my previous trip , I hope you enjoy it ! And stay around for my posts during my trip 🙂

絵馬 = Ema


Vue de la baie de Tokyo


Photo from my previous trip

Then to keep you waiting for my next post I will show you some photos from my previous trip , I hope you enjoy it !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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