Tips & Tricks for your Trips


   After my first day of my one month trip alone overseas I realised I didn’t pack well my suitcase… It was a little disaster (not to say a BIG), even if I was planning what to bring a few weeks before the departure I still packed very badly !

I knew it would be hot and wet in Japan during summer, but I never realised the degree of wetness, I wasn’t prepare for it .. Well it’s all in the past, for my trip this year I did a good joob 🙂

So here is a few things to know:

    1. Travel light and your back will thank you ! Of course it depends of the type of holidays you want to have: if you spend 2 weeks at the same place or if you travel everyday like me. I chosed to take a backpack, because it’s lighter and easier when you are running after a bus because you are late !
    2. Let some free space in your luggage so you won’t overpack and have room for souvenirs 😉
    3. Also having a small bag won’t let you succumb to the shopping fever. Instead I recommend you to take everything in picture ! YES you are a tourist it’s allowed ! Don’t hesitate to do your paparazzi but you should also live the present moment !
    4. Don’t forget to check the weather online, tips for travellers who went there before..
    5. Prepare beforehand the different combinations of clothes you will wear, because either way you will always wear the same clothes 🙂 It works for long and short trips, when you stay longer you can always wash your stuff ! If you have too many dirty clothes it will take a lot of space in your bag 🙁
    6. Don’t take to many beauty items, in hotels they provide you what you need most of the time and you end up not using your products at all !

If you forget something, it’s all right you can buy a souvenir and usefull thing at the same time ( I bought some Sailor Moon eyeliner and couldn’t be happier 😀 )

I hope it will be usefull to some of you, or for the future me <3

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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