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Hello Hello ! It’s me again !

We all have this time in the year when you want to clean, sort your stuffs to have a new fresh start. Well in my case I’m doing little at a time (I’m sorry Marie Kondo your book was cool but I don’t have the time to do it yet ^^). I also look at all my photos on my computer to see if there is some that I can delete and some that I would like to share with you because there are too cute, like the ones from my day at Tokyo Disney Sea.

It was a dream of mine to go there and enjoy all the attractionsand the cuteness <3 and last september I finaly had the time for it; but all by myself because the bf was working [even if he really wanted to go with me or was it just my imagination ?].

My perfect Tokyo Disney Sea plan started two years ago during my first trip in Japan, when I got some disney tights and I swore to myself I would wear them for this occasion (because other than that where can I wear them ?? I even took them with me for my second trip in case I might go there – my dedication for this park is pretty big ^^ ).

With my perfect outfit (my disney tights, a dress, a pair of basket – and you can even put your mickey mouse ears if you have some or just buy them at the park) I took the train for Disneyland. It’s pretty easy to go there (check on hyperdia for your itinerary and the price) and took me less than an hour. The name of the station you need to reach is  Maihama (JR Keiyo/Musashino Line). To be sure you took the good train you just need to check at other people clothes and you will feel better.

Once you arrive at Maihama station there is a big mall, so if you don’t have any money on you I recommand you to retirer some cash because there isn’t any cash machine in Tokyo Disney sea (my card din’t work 🙁 ). Then you have to take the special disney ride (not free) to go to the park (or you can walk but it’s pretty far, it would take you 20 minutes). If you decide to hop on the train you can already feel the magic in the train with mickey mouse shape everything !

Once you are at the entry you can pass quickly if you have already buy your ticket online or even at the Disney stores around Tokyo (and other regular stores which sell tickets).

Now you are in ! You can freely enjoy your day around in all the different magic universes ! I don’t want to spoil your visit but here’s some tips I can give you :
  • there will be plenty of cute food everywhere and especially the popcorn 😀
  • go there during a “special” season it’s even better with all the beautiful decorations
  • don’t forget to take fast pass the one for Toy Story attraction because it closes very quickly (oh my god so quickly !)
  • if you are alone like me you don’t need fast pass for Indianna Jones and the Raging Spirits , there is a special queue for you. I just walk 5 minutes when others had to wait 1 hour …
  • every univer has its own merchandizing, so if you like something buy it right away or you will have to walk back later ^^












Guess where I am ^^









I hope you like it and it makes you want to visit it yourself 🙂 Thank you for reading and see you next time !



Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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