Waiting for Santa Claus

Hello everyone ! How are you doing today ?

I’m pretty sure you said “I’m fine & having fun reading !” or so I hope ^^

Now that Xmas is around the corner [aka I will start opening my advent calendar in 2 days aka I’m preparing my belly to receive all the upcoming chocolate], we can start preparing ourself mentally and physically for what december brings (raise your hand if you have never take weight during winter break 😉 I won’t believe you ).

I will celebrate christmas with my family like every year, I’m always happy to see them and spend time together, even more since I don’t have exams coming this year \(^o^)/ Yeaah !

Here’s my future Xmas essentials that I would like to spend the winter with (it’s a not-so-subliminal message for my sister ^^ Margot if by some miracle you read this 😛 ).


Xmas wishlist1. Tsarevna Tea from Kusmi Tea: smells so good ! 2. a kindle to read more books and because I don’t have anymore place in my library. 3. Snow Fairy from Lush, my wintery body soap but for this one I will wait for all my body soaps to be finished. 4. My favorute nail polish: the leading lady from Essie, unfortunatly I never found it. 5. A velvet dress because velvet is my jam ^^ 6. A Xmas sweater, the only type of sweater you want to wear in december and you don’t look stupid with it!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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