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Hello everyone ! Bonjour tout le monde !

When I was a child (or even a few years younger because I’m still in my early ~ cough ! not for a long time ~ twenties ) like to dress up myself with what I liked and the result wasn’t always pretty, fortunately we didn’t take as much photos as today 🙂

Back in Japan, I always wanted to try wearing a kimono but being non-japanese (or non-asian) I thought that I would look weird or it would look unappropriate even if I was dying to try. I had to wait my 3rd trip to feel confident enough to do it and I couldn’t be happier.

Naturally Kyoto was the right place to wear a kimono while wandering in the streets, eat dango… Why ? Because of the old/mystic atmosphere of the city, other people wearing traditional clothes, the good weather (maybe too hot for a “kimono day”) and simply because I love this city. I was there for Silver Week aka National Holidays so I was afraid all the kimono would be already rented, but we were LUCKY !  we find a little shop with nice design kimonos and with the help of a nice french girl working there during the silver week ( we are everywhere in Japan it’s crazy ! ). I didn’t want something kawaii but a more simple looking kimono, I’m pretty happy with my choice and after a good 30 minutes putting the kimono, with the help of a nice japanese lady, and getting my hair done, it was time to explore Kyoto on my geta !

  ➡ Follow me around Gion’s streets ➡






After looking at all the pictures I definitely have to say I really do the same face ! It’s so weird ! It must be my ” oh have you seen my kimono ? ” face ^^

It was a very good experience and everyone should try it too 🙂  If you do and have big feet like me, the geta can seem small but it’s easy to walk on them !

Thank you for reading and see you next time !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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