Climbing to the Top of the World


Hello everyone ! Nice to see you again !

As you can guess from the tittle, today I wanna talk about a very cool/extraordinary/awesome (delete as appropriate) thing I did: Mont Fuji’s climbing ! It was one big goal of mine and I’m very happy I did it (even if I wasn’t saying the same thing while climbing it). I can only recommend you to do what you set your mind on, it was hard but it would have been harder to let it go.

As Mont Fuji is only open from July to mid-september so I felt lucky to be in Japan at the right time. From that time I knew I had to go there (right before I watched videos of it on youtube here or here and I couldn’t wait to try myself !). Then I gathered all the informations I needed on the official website of the Mont Fuji. It’s the best site I found about this subject ^o^/

My adventure (our adventure beacause I wasn’t alone) started by a trip to the supermarket to buy all the food we would need for the 1 day/night trip: 2 liters bottle of water each and some snacks (calbee chips, onigiri, chocolate and some cereal bars). Then it was already the time for a nice ride on the highway from Ikebukuro to the Yoshida Trail (the only one opened at the moment). After a 2-3 hours, we finally arrived at the 5th station where all the other climbers were already waiting (for us ? maybe ^^) to take a step on the mountain. We chose to to the night climb as we couldn’t do otherwise and like that we could climb in one go and be on time for the sunrise (the real reason is that the man wanted to do it that way and I didn’t win this fight). If I had to do it again I would climb during the day, sleep in a hostel and climb again before sunrise. You may ask why and you are right to ask: we could barely see the road in front of us but only the lights from the cities around, it was beautiful but kind of dangerous; once on top we were very tired and I couldn’t wait to go down to sleep and it was very cold and we couldn’t change or clothes outside (as the toilets were small but clean be reassured).

Some more advices for your outfit (yes I know I wasn’t the most glamourous climber but at least I wasn’t cold ) you would need:

my climbing outfit

  • comfy and hot pant (it’s cold up there): I chose 2 leggings of which one from Uniqlo (heat tech)
  • real climbing shoes and 2 pairs of good socks (to change your wet one on top)
  • some sport top, a hot sweatshirt (the type you use for skiing) and a real water resistant and hot jacket
  • a hat and gloves (you can find the gloves at 100yen shop like the ones used for gardening)
  • some change of clothes (socks, legging ?) if it’s wet, you are cold
  • a good backpack to put all your stuff and water resistant if possible ^^
  • If you forget anything don’t worry you can find it in Japan but it will be more expensive 🙁

Don’t forget to check the official outfit recommandations for the new climber you will be. Now let me show you what you are doing all this !





(my first video ever but such talents it may be the last one too ^^)

It was an amasing experience and I can only recommend everyone to try it, it’s so worth it !

Thank you for reading, I hope you like it & see you on top of Mont Fuji!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

2 thoughts on “Climbing to the Top of the World

  1. I loved climbing Mt. Fuji as well. It was difficult, but it was the experience of a lifetime. The sunrise was so breathtaking.

    1. Yes you’re right it was so beautiful, more than what I was expecting ! But I think I will wait a long time before climbing it again or I should find a good motivation to do it ^^

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