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Hello everyone ! Bonjour tout le monde !

Freshly back from Japan (apart from my jetlag which kept me from writing this article four nights in a row),I wanna talk to you about some very interesting subject for all travelers: airplane’s hacks to survive/keep yourself busy/sleep in the air. I had plenty of time to think about it and try my advices: they are all tested and proved 🙂

So here’s my 7 advices to survive long/short flights !

① Every good flight starts with a good seat/airline. When the choice of the airline is up to our budget, your seat on the contrary can be chosen. Set an alarm and check on Seat Guru or other sites like that, to pick the best place. Sometimes there is no need for Business Class, you just the right timing ! If you asked me my favorite seat is the aisle one: you can wander everywhere you want and whenever you want too! 

② Now that your flight is booked you have to dress for survival ! Comfy and ready to fight the cold. The best outfit would be long sweat-shirt with the hood to hide my face (because when I sleep I tend to drool… not very glamourous), heat teach legging, fuzy socks, shoes easy to take off, comfy underwears (for obvious reasons) AND don’t forget to bring a change of clothes in case your luggage get lost 🙂

③ Don’t forget to charge all your electronic devices before the flight and not to use all your phone’s battery before landing. It already happened to me and when you have to find someone it’s not the easy way ^^ But once this condition is done you can enjoy your own personnel amusement 😉  I love to prepare playlist for my upcoming trip and everytime I hear those songs it remind me of my trip, so my holidays never stop !

④ I love to read but on an airplane it’s a no-no ! I watch movies but trying to concentrate my mind on reading seems like an impossible mission… I think it’s because a book is a gateaway for your imagination but being trap on a plane doesn’t give me a lot of place to dream. Instead I indulge myself with magazines: easy to read and don’t need to carry them for a long time !

⑤ Speaking of playlist if you are the type to get anxious I have what you need: a relaxing playlist (you can find them for free on internet from the rain sound to the tropical forest  ^o^/ ) You can also do some yoga exercices to relax yourself: for your neck, back and legs.

⑥ Sleeping: one of our top thing we all want ! The ultime graal of every flight 🙂

But sleep doesn’t love me back so I have to use tricks for me to be able to spend a few hours in a fantasy world:

  • a eye mask
  • some lavendar oil: it smells good and it’s a good susbtitute to perfume, because no one wants to smell heavy perfume on plane: so it’s a double use ^o^/
  • ear plugs or some relaxing playing with comfy headphone, it’s optionnel but always usefull if you ask me
  • a neck pillow: the nec plus ultra for every trip! It’s the type of accessory you find to take too much place but when you don’t have one and you see other sleeping with it you are so jealous that you swear to yourself the next time it will be yours !! So don’t wait the next time and buy one, it will save a lot of troubles 🙂

⑦ And thinking about all the advices you want to write to others =^o^=


Thank you for reading and see you soon for my Japan’s stories 😉

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

9 thoughts on “Airplane Survival

  1. C’est bien dommage que ton article ai été publier après mon premier voyage en avion (qui date de juin) haha ça m’aurait peut être rassuré x3
    Ce qui m’a semblé indispensable à moi, c’était mon paquet de chewing gum ^^
    Je n’ai eu aucun problème pour lire dans l’avion par contre :3 Mais c’est vrai qu’il est plus simple de regarder un film.

  2. Very nice guide. When it comes to flying, it’s all about the right preperation. Like these even long distance flights are absolutely enjoyable 🙂

  3. Am I the only one who gets ridicilously hot on airplanes? Though my flights are only ever between America and Japan. (>_<)
    I never though of the lavendar oil though! Will definitely look into for my next flight home! <3
    Great tips 😀

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