Bye to School – Hello Holidays


Hello everyone ! Nice to see you again here on French Girl on the Go 🙂

Today I’m talking about some exciting news I want to share with you guys/girls/cats/dogs/animals (delete as appropriate)… I will finally live up to my name’s blog: I am going to travel ! Finally !

As you can see on the photo after 3 days of “pink work” aka my retake exams (because when you love school you want to have as much as exams it’s possible to have right ?) I will be in holidays and when you will be reading this lines I will be on a plane to JAPAN <3

Yes, again this year I decided to go back there because when you love something you should grab any opportunities you can (I’m trying to justify myself to me and for the moment it’s working well). I will be staying two weeks so be prepared to read a lot and a lot of articles about my trip ! I don’t have a fixed schedule but at least I know that this weekend I will stand on top of the Mont Fuji and it feels like a dream 🙂

If you are curious to see more of my trip you can check my instagram (@matouchouuu) I will try to post daily pictures on it 😀

But Japan is not the only exiting event that is happening in a few months time for me, I will also: travel to Morocco for a wedding, run 20k race for the first time, work hard to pass my JLPT5, finally graduating from school in a year, go in a internship overseas (Please God of the Internship hear my prayers!) and so many others cool stuff !

This year is going to be great and I can’t wait to share it with you ! As always I will see you soon and I hope you are having a wonderful day <3

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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