Festa Major de Gràcia

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Summer is the time for celebration, Barcelona is no exception to this rule (home made rule by me but still a rule). Every year during august there is a week-long celebration (from the 15th to the 21th of august) in the Gràcia neighbourhood, called Festa Major de Gràcia. Each street compete with each others for the best disguised street. Everything is made of recyclable materials from the plastic bottle to the toilet paper and it mimics various themes (from The Flintstones to Avatar…). Not only you can enjoy it during the day but at night there are concerts, animation everywhere.

I didn’t know this festival before coming but now I wouldn’t mind coming back every august just for it <3 Our hostel was very closed (like one street away so we could hear all the music, people from our room) so I guess we were pretty lucky ^^

Here's a map of Barcelona
Here’s a map of Barcelona

I really enjoyed getting lost in those beautiful streets with all the different color, themes, people… There was even a japanese street with fake recyclable wisteria! How amazing is that ?!? Now I will look differently at my trash when I see all the cool stuff you can build 🙂

With no further explanation I will let the pictures convince you to come and check the Festa Major de Gràcia with your own eyes !





Parisian street: this is how they see french people 😉







Thank you for reading 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Festa Major de Gràcia

  1. Je pense qu’une de mes amies habite là! Elle m’a montré les photos de constructions folles dans son quartier, ça me semble être ça. Je ne savait pas que c’est un festival. Ça a l’air chouette en tout cas! 🙂

  2. What a fun and lively festival! I love the wisteria ^^ It’s so interesting to see what Barcelona thinks of other countries.

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