Beauty on the Go !


Or ” what I bring back from my travels !” but beauty on the go was way more catchy ^^

Beauty products are a good thing to bring back home (if you like having a lot of make up) especially korean or japanese ones. I had to compromise with my wallet and choose only what I would really use, so here’s my final finds:

 From Korea :

– the famous Aloe Vera Gel from Nature Republic (here)Best Buy Ever ! There is a story behind it: a few days before going to Seoul to see a friend, I went to Okinawa. And what suppose to happen when you fall asleep under the sun happened, I caught the biggest sunburn of my life ! Back in the city of Naha, I tried buyng after sun lotion to ease my pain, I went to pharmacies but they didn’t have any … of course in a country where people don’t expose their skin ^^ But my skin met it soul mate with this gel ! Sounds cheesy but it’s the truth 🙂 

– my Lovely Cookie Blusher from Etude House (here): I think the name speaks for itself ^^ No background story for this one sorry 🙂

– my Tomatox mask from Tony Moly (here): magic mask I would say or maybe it’s just the packaging that got me to buy it … I would say both. Helps you brightening your skin and doesn’t smell like tomato if you were wondering.

From Japan:

– my (3 cough cough … ) Sailor Moon Eyeliner : I was so happy when I put my hands on it. I looked over so many shops, using my terrible japanese to ask arounf if they had it. I finnaly found them in one of my favorite shop : Donki ! Yeah ! Whenever I think of it I think of the music you can hear inside the store ^^ Back to Sailor Moon, I bought it because I love eyeliner (thin line of eyeliner is my day-to-go make up) and it’s cute. No more argument needed ! You can still find them on amazon 🙂

– my nail polish and body fragrance from Daiso: because it’s perfect, usefull and cheap (100¥). Best place to buy cheap and good quality make up or everything in fact 🙂 Don’t forget to check it out, it will be youe wallet’s best friend.

What’s your best overseas make up ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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