Last but not Least: OSAKA


Osaka here I am finally! I chose you to be my last destination I am sure you won’t disappoint me!

I only had 3 days left in Japan, I tried to do as much as possible but the time and the weather were agaisnt me, so it wasn’t enough for all you have to see in the city. A choice has to be made! After a big reflection (but in reality my priorities are kind of messed up, because to me walking in random boutiques is like visiting a museum, so I knew what I wanted to do), I chose to do:

– shopping at Don Quijote for gifts (Sailor Moon Eyeliner, matcha sweets, kitkat … and finally for a broke me most of my meals ^^ ), Dotonbori and everywhere because last possibility to buy anything

Aquarium Kaiyukan, the famous aquarium

– Tsutenkaku and the district, just accross from my youth hostel

Umeda Tower: a real challenge for someone scared by escalators like me (Destination Final has ruined my faith in escalators).

– Glico Man and the district around (Dotonbori)

– food food and food: kushiage kushiage kushiage (I am a simple girl when it comes to food)

– and if the weather was nice I would go to see Osaka Castle –> it did not happen but I keep the idea in a little part of my mind for the future

– to finish: Spa World !! with my hostel (5min walk) you had a huge reduction for the ticket: only 1000¥! There wasn’t any other better way to pass my last day before my flight and to decomplex me 😉

I had a good time but after all the cities I have seen I am still a Tokyo Girl, maybe because I live in Paris but I don’t think it’s that… But it doesn’t mean the cities I saw were bad, far from that!

It was my last destination in Japan, but for some others it’s just the beginning. I was staying in a youth hostel (like always) but this time a lot of people (mostly french) were staying there during a year, two or even more. I had a good time listenning to their expat stories and enjoying my evenings with them too 🙂

For the rest of my stay I will just let you look at the pictures, because to me it tells more about my trip than I could by myself.







If you love fishes/aquarium I invite you to continue this article, if not I hope you enjoy this little tour of Osaka (a few months later 😉 )

Then again for all the aquarium/fishes lovers : Aquarium Kaiyukan <3 I really enjoyed my time there (even if there was too many people maybe because it was raining) and I even wrote my postcard in front of the sea (in the cafe inside).

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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