A little surprise at my door


A few weeks ago I received a package from Japan, with all the delicious stuff I like to eat, cool stuff and a japanese book. It’s just a few things but to me they are the sweetest, coolest, weirdest presents in a goood way! I’m very easily pleased it may explain why.

If you want to know a little more about me, I would say this package can show you a little more my universe (except the nose strip, nobody wants others to know about their blackheads 😛 ) but unfortunatly some object may be already missing in this photo, it was so delicious that I couldn’t resist ^^ Sorry 😉

I hesitated before showing you my little haul, but after all why not showing you this little box full of happiness made in Japan <3  I’m not sure it will interest anyone but if it gives you ideas for presents, snack to buy … It would be awesome ^^

25 A cute little fan , it arrived at the perfect time = heat wave time –  Wind bell with a cat on it 🙂 Also called Furin in Japan (風鈴) thank you Wikipedia  –  Snack named BigKatsu and like its name it tastes like tonkatsu, very delicious (I used to have 5 of them, for 2 days only ^^ ) –  Coconut pocky, it’s so yummy ! – ⑤ Delicious chips Yaokin Cabbage Taro (Kyabetsu) – Mont Fuji’s Photo older  – ⑦ Maguro sushi telephone strap –  Bontan Ame sweets –  Cocoa cigarettes –  Sicilia Lemon Pocky – ⑪ Minna no Nihongo, because someone think my level in Japanese needs a serious upgrade, no subliminal incitation, this goes straight to the point …-  chcolate and custard pocky-  mario strap cat edition –  electronic fan, very usefull and very well apreciated – cute card –  weird jelly like sweet I’m kinda reluctant to eat it … I give myself some times before eating it – ⑰ uni sushi USB, best gift eveeeer –  blackheads strip … no need to say anything about this one –  Kibi Danga a sweet-rice treat from Hokkaido –  Milky matcha candy

Have you ever tried any of these ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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